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Customer Reviews & Stories

A-Team Auto is as honest and proficient as they come. Tom replaced the clutch assembly in my '93 Impreza, and he couldn't have been more forthcoming about everything. If you are looking for a GREAT mechanic that won't lie to you, I highly recommend A-Team. Plus, they are a family-centric, BBB-Certified business. Absolutely cannot go wrong with these guys.

- Jodz Meyero

I had a unexpected issue with my car this morning and A-Team Auto Care took me in right away. I don't know a lot about cars, so they even agreed to talk to my dad about the pricing and what was going on. They also offered to pick me up to get my car if I couldn't find a ride there. Great customer service I would recommend you to come and get your car fixed here!

- Stacy K.

A Team is great! My husband & I have taken both our vehicles into their shop for many different problems and each time A Team has been able to help us. We trust A Team due to the length they go through to explain to us whats going on with our vehicles and if you need a part put on they work with you to bring the cost to a reasonable level.. These guys are friendly, down to earth and caring and will get you back to your normal schedule fast. We thank A Team Auto Care for helping us and we have peace of mind knowing that your here to help.

- Kristy Loomis

Tom, who runs the place, has a degree in, I think, Peace Studies and Politics, which makes him interesting, intelligent and understanding. HIs passion for cars and driving is the motivation behind the place, and the last time I dropped off my car he drove me home in his 89 Saab convertible! I swear I don't even know the guy! Great fast reliable work--and the only place to bring your Mini. A great find.

- Andy G., 05/07/2013

Thomas Fast is the most honest mechanic I've ever met. He explains to me what's wrong with my car in language I can understand, and he doesn't talk down to me. He understands that I'm on a tight budget and helps me understand what has to be done now, versus things that can wait. He's conscientious and charges reasonable rates. I took a wild guess in the survey below for what his hourly labor charge is. I don't know what it comes to in terms of a per hour charge, but he doesn't gouge you. And I can always count on the work being done right. I'd recommend Thomas Fast and A Team Auto Care to anyone.

- Phil, 07/21/2012

"The customer service was so friendly and out going. They thoroughly explained to me everything that was wrong and all my options and it was all fixed it in a very timely manner. I even got a WARRANTY!!!!!! I have never been offered that unless i paid a million $ at a dealership mechanic."

- Craig 01/16/2012

My vehicle, carrying my family and a lot of our "stuff" , moving from Arizona to Massachusetts in the summer of 2010 broke down near Iowa City. The moving van was heading independently to Massachusetts. The owner of the shop we ultimately reached(Thomas Fast at A-Team Auto Care) not only repaired my car, but invited me and my family (three young children) to his home for a pasta meal (he too has three young children); he also researched the motel options for me while we waited two days for the necessary parts to arrive to fix my car. I never expected (or have received, for that matter) such thoughtful attention. To tell you all the truth, I have a feeling that this guy is so treat-your-customer-right- oriented that he may have a hard time making it in a commercial world where you have to be hard-nosed mean. He's a Quaker, and started up business a couple of years ago, he told me, convinced that if he does a good job, helps people who need help, and charges a fair price for fair work done, that not only only he but also his customers and his family will come out on top in the end. This was a small garage in a small town....I wish this kind of ethic could guide us all.

- Anonymous 09/13/2010