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Customer Reviews & Stories

A-Team is easily the best. Easy to talk to, professional, and a good price. Take your car here.

Casey Rafn

The best experience i ever had in Iowa city! professional and reliable! highly recommend! Thank you Tom!

Ruokun Yi

The staff at A-Team were super helpful and informed me of my options for repairs! They even called the dealership where I bought my car to ask about a recent repair for me. I never felt pressured to buy "add-ons" like at other mechanics. When I got my car back I felt secure that it was fixed and they even washed and vacuumed it at no extra charge! I'll definitely go back.

Nicole Hines

Took my mitsubishi there to have an engine tick fixed, Tom was wonderful! He started with the least expensive option to rule out any other possible issues and was extremely reasonable with the price(Given the necessary repairs). The next day my car wouldn't start(Some battery/electrical issue) and Tom DROVE OUT TO MY HOUSE to look at the car/try a new battery, free of charge. An absolutely wonderful experience, he's definitely landed a repeat customer.

James Pruitt

We have been using A-Team Auto Care for several years. They have been great! Tom and his staff always explain what we need to do to keep our cars running safe. We have never had a problem with our service with them and it is great to know we get a warranty on any service we get. They always make us feel we are very important to them and they drop off and pick up our car wherever it is convenient for us. I have already recommended them to friends and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a reliable, caring car service they can count on over and over for a fair price with no pressure to do things on your car you don't want done.

David Venzke

They guys at A-team auto are great. They exlained me the problems so that I could understand and helped me find the best way to fix it. The staff is also very friendly. The do a great job in a short time. I would definitel recomend it.

Aldo Vacaflores

Tom couldn't be nicer or more helpful and informative--my problem was admittedly simple (replacing a battery) but with a Mini Cooper, everything is proprietary and weird so I appreciate someone curious and passionate about cars (Tom got his degree in Peace at Earlham but returned to his true passion!) He certainly put me at peace with quick service, diligent contact and informative conversation. Found other things I could work on but said they didn't have to happen yet--a sign of a thoughtful mechanic. HIghly recommended (and I was able to walk there from downtown)

Andrew Greer

I will recommend A-Team Auto Care to everyone I know! My car's issues were taken care of above and beyond what I was expecting, but that's not the main reason I will tell everyone I know to go here. Tom is the reason. He patiently answered all of our questions, explained in clear detail what the issues were, outlined all of my options, and unlike other mechanics we have interacted with in the past, Tom actually cared about our situation and wanted to help. Tom- Thank you very much for repairing our car and getting us back on the road! We truly appreciate the work you did and the way we were treated!

Mat Winegarden

Driving around Iowa City one day, I took a look up at the little sticker in the top left hand corner on my windshield. The little sticker being a reminder from a previous auto repair shop in my hometown to change my oil. Almost 7 months passed after the recommended date and so I did some research on auto shops around town. A-Team came up with the best reviews and now I know why because it offers GREAT and EXCELLENT auto care service. Tom is the manager there and he knows his stuff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND going here for a simple oil change or major work for your vehicle!

Alex Phan

Can't say enough nice things about how this business is run!

My family and I were headed to Iowa City for a Basketball game. After stopping at Williamsburg our Nissan Rogue began making a mysterious noise. We tried a local Ford dealer for help, but they weren't interested in helping or taking a closer listen. Determining we should chance the 30 milt trip to Iowa City, we called A-Team and spoke with someone who ensured us that he would be able to look at our car immediately. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the same man we spoke to on the phone. He hopped right in the car and we went for a drive, so he could hear the noise. After a quick trip, he removed the car currently in the garage and introduced us to his "star" mechanic. That mechanic took our car for a spin and returned shortly. In short time, our car was on the lift and I was asked to come take a look. They showed me a loose piece and explained what was causing the noise. I've never received such a thorough explanation and watched them fix the issue while standing there.

When it was all said and done, I was ready to at least pay for the mechanic and the lift. I was told there would be no charge, and they were happy they could help. If we lived closer, I would not hesitate to have A-Team service all of our vehicles. That honesty and integrity is hard to find in most businesses, and this family greatly appreciated our brush. Thanks again A-Team!!

Rick John

I always serviced my 2004 9-5 at a Saab dealership during the 7 years I owned it. I had an issue with the alignment and it seemed that nobody could adjust it because of missing tools, or missing alignment machine, or missing parts etc. etc. Almost ready to take it to Missouri (3 hours one way...) I e-mailed A Team: Tom called me right away, discussed the options, took the car there and got it back the day after at a very reasonable cost plus a free and detailed inspection and vacuumed interior. My car now drives much much better, this was a great experience and I will for sure back. Thank you again A Team.

Massimiliano Ruzzi

We moved here from California 4 years ago from a town with a family garage, so we knew the importance of a good mechanic. It took us a while to end up at A Team, but after we did we never went to another shop. Their honesty, professionalism, and quality work have kept us coming back. The prices are always fair, we never come back to have work redone, and the team has always made us feel taken care of while we waited for our vehicle to be finished. It's important to have your car in the hands of someone who you trust and we're glad we found that.

Justin Cosner

A-Team Auto is as honest and proficient as they come. Tom replaced the clutch assembly in my '93 Impreza, and he couldn't have been more forthcoming about everything. If you are looking for a GREAT mechanic that won't lie to you, I highly recommend A-Team. Plus, they are a family-centric, BBB-Certified business. Absolutely cannot go wrong with these guys.


I had a unexpected issue with my car this morning and A-Team Auto Care took me in right away. I don't know a lot about cars, so they even agreed to talk to my dad about the pricing and what was going on. They also offered to pick me up to get my car if I couldn't find a ride there. Great customer service I would recommend you to come and get your car fixed here!

Stacy K.

A Team is great! My husband & I have taken both our vehicles into their shop for many different problems and each time A Team has been able to help us. We trust A Team due to the length they go through to explain to us whats going on with our vehicles and if you need a part put on they work with you to bring the cost to a reasonable level.. These guys are friendly, down to earth and caring and will get you back to your normal schedule fast. We thank A Team Auto Care for helping us and we have peace of mind knowing that your here to help.

Kristy Loomis